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As developers know, managing and testing APIs can be a complex task – one that demands a reliable and intuitive tool. For Mac users, RapidAPI available on Setapp emerges as an essential piece in the developer’s toolkit. It’s a sophisticated REST client designed specifically for macOS users seeking a streamlined method to debug, test, and work with APIs without hassle. Try RapidAPI on Setapp and discover how it can elevate your developmental workflow.

Key Features

What sets RapidAPI apart is its Apple notarization, assuring users that the app has been thoroughly checked for malicious software, ensuring a safe working environment. The app excels at creating and testing HTTP requests with editors that display results in the format you prefer, be it web pages, images, or PDFs. Full syntax highlighting for various languages helps in identifying standard mistakes and avoiding them. Being developed exclusively for macOS, it integrates smoothly into your system.

Enhance productivity with organized requests and dynamic environment management. Switching between servers or accounts is painless, and so is migrating API calls from services like Postman or cURL. Share your work effortlessly using shortened URLs and secure authentication with certificates from files or the macOS keychain.

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How This App Improves Your Workflow

Handling APIs has never been more user-friendly. If you’re in need of adding functionality, RapidAPI supports you with a comprehensive set of features and allows you to design with Open API Specification and RAML API definitions. Say goodbye to clunky transitions between environments and enjoy smooth switches with this REST test tool. Not to mention the comfort of knowing your private keys and certificates are encrypted for extra security.

To fully incorporate RapidAPI into your development cycle, be sure to sign up and download via Setapp. Leverage the AI search to find the tools you need, explore reviews, and utilise an ever-growing collection of apps. RapidAPI, written with love by a passionate team, is just the beginning of what you can discover in Setapp’s suite for enhanced productivity.


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