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In a digital age where every service requires a sign-up, remembering a myriad of passwords and personal information not only becomes a hassle but a vulnerability. Enter Secrets 4, a sophisticated solution for storing and managing your passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive data. Try Secrets 4 on Setapp and experience enhanced security with convenient accessibility.

Key Features

Certified as safe and secure, Secrets 4 has been notarized by Apple, ensuring you a malware-free experience right from the start. The app prides itself on its ability to store your sensitive information securely using 256-bit encryption. The unique key for this encryption is securely tucked away in your device’s keychain, far from prying eyes.

Don’t settle for forgettable or repeated passwords; let Secrets 4 generate strong, unique passwords tailored to the security needs of each account. And with its capacity to sync your passwords across devices — from your Mac to your iPhone and iPad, using iCloud — your credentials are always at your fingertips. Whether you’re authenticating via Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple Watch, accessing your vault is both secure and convenient.

Additionally, Secrets 4 simplifies the migration process for users of other password managers like 1Password, LastPass, and Enpass. Importing via CSV file is also a breeze. Collaborating with others? Share selected passwords securely using Shared Vaults.

Enjoy the ease of AutoFill to quickly enter passwords and personal details without the need to recall each one. As for the latest updates, they’re crafted with love from the Secrets 4 team, promising continuous improvements and new features.

Sign up for Setapp and download Secrets 4 on your Mac. With AI-powered search and extensive reviews and recommendations, this is just the beginning of your Setapp journey.

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Choosing the right password manager is critical to maintaining the security of your digital identity. With its robust encryption, seamless device integration, and user-friendly interface, Secrets 4 emerges as a noteworthy contender. By adopting Secrets 4 through Setapp, not only do you heighten your digital security, but you also gain access to a widening library of indispensable apps. Elevate your digital security and bolster your productivity today with Secrets 4 on Setapp.

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