Surfshark Black Friday VPN Deal 2024: Save 86% + 5 Months Free!

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes the highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Among the numerous deals surfacing the internet, one that stands out is from Surfshark VPN. This year, Surfshark is elevating its game, offering unbeatable VPN deals you wouldn’t want to miss. Save up to 86% on your subscription and get an additional five months absolutely free! Known for its high-speed, secure connections, and user-friendly interface, Surfshark VPN is an excellent choice for browsing the internet privately and securely. Let’s see what makes this deal one to look out for.

? Surfshark Black Friday VPN Special: 86% Off + 5 Extra Months Free!
Limited Time Offer: Secure your online privacy with Surfshark's unbeatable deal. Act fast!
Save 86% + 5 Months Free!
Surfshark Black Friday VPN Deal 2024: Save 86% + 5 Months Free!

Updated Pricing for Black Friday

Surfshark has drastically reduced its already budget-friendly prices, allowing you to save up to 86%. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 2-Year Starter Plan: Surfshark unveils its Black Friday special pricing for its 2-year Starter Plan. Originally priced at $59.76, the plan is now offered at a discounted price of just $53.73. This equates to a remarkably low monthly price of just $1.99, making it one of the most competitive deals in the VPN market, with three months free.
  • 2-year Surfshark One (sOne) Plan: Surfshark’s 2-year sOne Plan, previously priced at $76.56, it has now been generously discounted to just $75.32. This further reduces the monthly cost to an astonishingly affordable $2.69 with additional 4 months free on purchase.
  • 2-year sOne+ Plan: The 2-year sOne+ Plan, originally offered at $119.28, has also been significantly marked down. Now, you can snag this highly sought-after plan for just $115.71, with 5 months free.

The percentage of savings stays consistent, allowing you to maintain up to an 86% reduction on your subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 1-year monthly prices for all packages remain the same:

  • 1-year Starter Plan: Priced at a minimal $3.99 per month, this plan offers the essential features of a VPN, making it perfect for beginners.
  • 1-year sOne Plan: Available at $4.09 per month, the sOne Plan provides an excellent balance of affordability and advanced VPN features.
  • 1-year sOne+ Plan: At $6.49 per month, the sOne+ Plan offers the most extensive set of VPN features, ensuring the highest level of digital security and accessibility.

My Personal Experience with Surfshark VPN

As a regular user of Surfshark VPN, I can confidently say it works great and is dependable. Not long ago, I got a dedicated IP to manage my business in the US while living abroad. The entire process has been hassle-free. So, I’d certainly suggest going for Surfshark.

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Why Choose Surfshark VPN?

Here is why you would choose this VPN:

Dedicated IP

Surfshark’s Dedicated IP offers a unique, personal IP address, ideal for accessing IP-sensitive services like online banking or secure networks. It supports all connection protocols, including WireGuard, for maximum speed and security, and permits manual configurations to meet individual requirements.

Surfshark Alert

Surfshark Alert is a proactive security feature that swiftly notifies you if your personal details like email appear in any compromised database, enabling immediate actions like password changes. Additionally, it provides an option for regular quarterly or yearly security reports for tracking your digital footprint.

Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark Antivirus delivers strong, real-time defense against various online threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing. It persistently checks your device to spot and delete malicious files before they breach your system. This feature forms a crucial part of Surfshark’s extensive protection suite, focused on securing your online actions comprehensively.

Surfshark Search

Surfshark Search provides a private, ad-free browsing experience. It ensures that your search history stays private and delivers organic results, free from tracking or profiling, thus safeguarding your online privacy.

Alternative ID

Surfshark’s Alternative ID feature empowers users with a unique online identifier, enhancing privacy in activities like online shopping or forum participation. It bolsters anonymity, making third-party tracking or profiling more challenging.

Limited-Time Offer

Don’t miss out on this limited-time of Surfshark’s black friday sale, valid only until Cyber Monday, November 27th, 2023. Grab Surfshark VPN Now! Save 86% and Get Three Extra Months!


In this holiday season, do not miss the best Surfshark VPN’s 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. With a whopping 86% off and an additional three months free, it’s the holiday season’s best VPN deal. Secure your digital life today with Surfshark VPN.

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