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Typeface is a notarized font management application that ensures a secure and efficient way to handle your typefaces on a Mac. This app provides a streamlined approach to finding, comparing, and organizing fonts. Whether you’re a designer, artist, or anyone in need of font organization, Typeface promises to make your workflow seamless.
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Key Features

Find the perfect font: Typeface showcases all your installed fonts, including any custom typefaces, in a manner that facilitates easy comparison and selection. Fonts are organized systematically, including by family, so you can pinpoint the exact style you need for your projects. The app’s user-friendly interface lets you tweak visual aspects such as size, weight, and style in real time, giving you a clear preview of how each font will appear in context.

The app also provides detailed information for each font, including a complete character set and metadata such as copyright history and tagging. This makes it extremely easy to make informed decisions and manage your font resources effectively.

Easily manage and group fonts: With the powerful grouping system, users can collate and compare potential fonts effortlessly. A dedicated workspace for building your font selection ensures that you’re only focusing on options that matter. This dynamic functionality is perfect for rapidly moving between different projects and font sets.

Expand your font collection: Typeface is not just about managing what you already have – it’s about expanding your horizons. The app allows users to sync and import over 2,000 Google Fonts, as well as add fonts from the web or other font managers. Collections let you organize fonts thematically or by project and easily collaborate with teams by sharing relevant typefaces.

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In conclusion, Typeface on Setapp stands out as a comprehensive and powerful font management tool that caters to all your typeface needs. The clarity in font presentation, intuitive grouping, and expansiveness in font collection are features that will certainly endear Typeface to any user who deals with fonts on a regular basis.
Discover Typeface on Setapp and take the first step towards mastering your typography game.

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