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Meet Vivek Vardhan: The Success Behind Belkins B2B Sales Community

Interviewee: Vivek Vardhan
Role: Co-founder of Belkins B2B Sales & Marketing Pros
Key Topics: Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Community Building

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Welcome to another edition of the BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight. In today’s post, we’re diving into the world of Vivek Vardhan, a computer science engineer turned digital marketer and co-founder of Belkins B2B Sales & Marketing Pros. Vardhan’s journey from the realms of coding to the dynamic world of online sales and marketing is not just inspirational but is also a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and adaptability in the entrepreneurial world.

Stepping into the Arena of Entrepreneurship

I had the pleasure of speaking with Vivek about his transition from computer science to spearheading a thriving online sales and marketing community, the Blkns Community, hosted on Slack. With a stellar membership exceeding 3500, this platform has become a beacon for professionals seeking insights, collaboration, and growth within the online sales and marketing niche.

“I am a computer science engineer turned digital marketer,” Vivek shared, radiating enthusiasm for his unexpected career pivot. He continued, “I embarked on my entrepreneur journey back in 2020, navigating through challenges and learning opportunities to co-found and manage the Blkns Community.”

A Week in the Life of a Solopreneur Maven

Curious about how Vivek manages his week? He provided a comprehensive glimpse into his routine, emphasizing planning, delegation, and balance.

  • Monday: A sacred day for uninterrupted work—no meetings, no distractions.
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Focused on meetings and outreach, driving growth and engagement.
  • Friday: Tying up loose ends and preparing for a restful weekend.
“Managing a business is akin to running a marathon. It requires strategic planning, pacing oneself, and periodic rest.” – Vivek Vardhan

Viveh highlights his quarterly goal-setting practice around key metrics: Growth, Retention, and Revenue.

The Arsenal of a Digital Marketer

Vivek enthusiastically shares his toolkit, a balanced mix of tried-and-true and cutting-edge technologies that facilitate his daily operations and community management.


For community engagement


Email communications

Reply.io & Expandi

Outreach Campaigns


Email deliverability optimization


Knowledge base management

Phantom Buster

Exploring the capabilities to enhance productivity with automation

Growth Strategies in the Ever-Evolving Market

Vivek emphasizes the importance of adaptability in marketing, noting that while viral campaigns may spike interest, they often don’t guarantee long-term growth. Among various strategies, he lauds email outreach campaigns as the evergreen method for consistent growth.

Challenges and Triumphs of a Solopreneur

Balancing professional commitments with personal life emerges as Vivek’s greatest challenge. His mantra? “Careful planning and execution.” Achieving a significant milestone of swelling the Blkns Community to 3000+ members in February 2024, Vivek reflects on this achievement with pride, signaling a growing interest from companies for sponsorships.

Embarking on the Solopreneurship Journey

Vivek’s advice to aspiring solopreneurs is pragmatic and reflective: “What worked for someone else might not work for you. Work on finding a balance. Also, automation will be your best friend.”

When asked about an item he always carries, his response was poignant, “Handkerchief,” coupled with a light-hearted “:P” showcasing his ability to blend humor with sincerity—a notable trait for engaging and leading a community.

Final Thoughts and How to Connect

Vivek’s outlook on artificial intelligence (AI) as a harbinger of hope and his imaginative prowess, preferring Gmail as his go-to app, tie back to his knack for blending efficiency with simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the Bhagwat Geeta and embracing the clean living and thinking ethos, Vivek’s journey and insights offer invaluable lessons for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

If the world of SaaS intrigues you, Vivek invites you to join him in the Blkns Slack community. “It’s free, and we support PH launches, LinkedIn initiatives, and Reddit upvotes,” he concludes, projecting an open-arms approach to fostering growth and collaboration within the digital marketplace.

Join the Blkns Community

Connect with Vivek and become a part of the thriving online sales and marketing world today. Visit Blkns.co to start your journey.

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