AirBuddy Review: An Essential Tool for Wireless Device Management on Mac

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Welcome to your comprehensive review of AirBuddy, the Setapp app that offers Mac users an ingenious way to monitor and manage their wireless devices. Whether you’re streaming music, in a video conference, or just working away with your wireless peripherals, staying informed about your devices has never been easier.

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Seamless Device Monitoring

Notarized by Apple, ensuring safety and reliability, AirBuddy offers a straightforward presentation of your wireless connections.
A single click on the menu bar icon reveals a comprehensive list of connected wireless devices, complete with battery statuses. This feature is not just about seeing what’s connected; it allows you to monitor your devices’ battery levels at a glance, ensuring you’re always prepared and never caught off-guard by a drained battery.

Customize your thresholds for notifications, and keep your devices in sync with AirBuddy running on multiple Macs.

AirBuddy takes convenience further by letting you set up quick actions and keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient workflow. With support for Shortcuts app actions, you can check connection states, battery levels, and effortlessly connect or disconnect devices.

AirBuddy Icon

Advanced Features and Magic Handoff

Hand off your peripherals such as the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, or Magic Trackpad to other Macs equipped with AirBuddy in one click — a feature that signifies simplicity and agility for those who use multiple Macs.

The “Bubble” and Customization that Delights

AirBuddy introduces the interactive “bubble” for macOS, reminiscent of the connection interface on iOS when connecting AirPods or Beats. This not only enhances the visual experience but also simplifies the process. Tailor your experience by setting default devices for different tasks like meetings or music listening and enjoy the ease of connecting to and viewing battery levels of your Bluetooth peripherals.

Favorite Devices and Magic Handoff

With AirBuddy, organizing your devices is intuitive. Choose your favorite devices, pin them to the top, and employ Magic Handoff settings to move peripherals between multiple Macs effortlessly—ideal for a smooth transition from work station to personal space.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Mac Experience

The powerful functionality of AirBuddy truly enhances how you interact with your Mac and wireless devices. By keeping you informed and allowing easy control over your peripheral devices, it streamlines your workflow and ensures that your gear is always ready to go. With the ever-growing collection of apps on Setapp, AirBuddy stands out as a must-have for any Mac user looking to optimize their wireless device management.

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