CloudMounter Review: Access Unlimited Cloud Storage Seamlessly on Your Mac

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Welcome to our in-depth review of CloudMounter, a powerful app available on Setapp that ensures efficient cloud storage management for Mac users.

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Key Features

CloudMounter by Eltima Software is not only a robust solution for managing cloud storage but also a testament to user-centric innovation. Certified by Apple, CloudMounter brings simplicity and encryption to the forefront, allowing users to expand their storage capabilities without the complexity of handling multiple platforms.

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Whether you’re a digital nomad with a low-storage laptop on a laptop stand or a power user with storage-intensive tasks, CloudMounter’s ability to connect to a plethora of cloud services directly from Finder is invaluable. With CloudMounter, your cloud drives appear as local disks, enabling effortless search, transfer, and file organization.

Some of the supported storage providers include Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, alongside FTP/SFTP/FTPS, OpenStack Swift, Box, BackBlaze B2, WebDAV, and more to come. Furthermore, each of those can be secured with powerful AES-256 encryption, safeguarding your data against unauthorized breaches. CloudMounter also visualizes all file operations with easy-to-understand icons, reinforcing its user-friendly experience.

Moreover, CloudMounter doesn’t stop evolving. It continuously introduces updates and new feature integrations, ensuring your cloud storage management remains seamless and up-to-date. With new cloud platforms added regularly, your storage options grow as CloudMounter adapts.

How-To Guide

The guide to using CloudMounter emphasizes its user-friendliness. Starting with mounting your cloud storages as local drives, it’s almost as if you’re expanding your Mac’s internal hard drive to the clouds. Here’s how you can leverage CloudMounter for efficient cloud management:

  1. Launch CloudMounter and choose your preferred cloud service.
  2. Log in with your credentials or online account and click ‘Mount’.
  3. To secure sensitive files, select a drive and opt for encryption by setting a password.
  4. Access the contents of your mounted drive in Finder as if they were stored locally on your Mac.

With CloudMounter, the boundary between local and cloud storage blurs, offering a cohesive space for all your files that doesn’t intrude on your precious hard disk space.

In conclusion, CloudMounter stands out as an essential tool for any Mac user looking to simplify cloud storage management. By turning your cloud services into usable drives on Finder and protecting your data with encryption, the app meets the demands of both casual and power users. Its promise of continuous evolution ensures it is a forward-looking solution designed with user needs in mind.

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