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Struggling with screen visibility on your M1 MacBook Pro or Pro Display XDR when working outdoors or in brightly lit environments? Look no further than Vivid, a game-changing app designed to significantly amplify your screen’s brightness. It’s available on Setapp, a subscription service that gives you access to a plethora of top-tier apps for your Mac. Imagine transforming your screen’s luminance to meet the demands of any lighting condition, with the safety assurance of being Notarized by Apple.

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Key Features

Apple Notarization ensures that you’re using software free from malicious threats, giving you peace of mind when using Vivid. The benefit of doubling your display brightness is just the beginning—Vivid integrates seamlessly with your existing brightness control keys, meaning you won’t have to learn any new processes to take advantage of this newfound power. Convenience is key, with an option to have Vivid launch automatically at each login. Increase your screen brightness system-wide to optimize your productivity in environments where natural light used to be a hindrance.

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But Vivid is not just for those sunny days. When transitioning to dimmer settings where a super-bright screen could be overkill or even uncomfortable, Vivid’s toggling feature comes in handy. Accessible quickly from your Mac’s menu bar, it allows you to switch the enhanced brightness on or off to suit your environmental needs. It’s the perfect blend of versatility and user-friendliness tailored for professional and leisurely use alike.

For anyone who’s faced the challenge of low screen brightness under the sun or bright ambient light, Vivid is a straightforward and effective solution. By extending the native brightness capabilities of your machine, Vivid ensures you’ll never squint at your screen again. If you’re eager to unlock the full potential of your M1 MacBook Pro or Pro Display XDR, signing up for Setapp and downloading Vivid might just be the brightest move you make. Stay tuned for updates from our dedicated team, lovingly crafting enhancements for your Mac experience.

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